crimsson lotus family

The War 

okay guys ginn here and this here is my avatar.. well we know our allies the meititore family has just engaged in war with a rival clan so we as allies are to help our fiends out  through this situation as we all know meitiore has been  through  lot  in past few days ... well they wont get hurt if we stand as one ... so what you say guys . well i say we gonna destroy our enemies  arrrrrrrrrgh we will show them that crimsson is not  less then any other battle  clan or family .

THE Updates

hello ppls im roy the messenger nice to meet you guys ... well today i brought message from lord Ginn.. its about  the Guilds and there leaders and new system decided by our very own lord gin and lord kai ..ok to the message then .

 Guilds and  leaders:


  1.  Mrginn : leader of guild of Magma 
  2.  Kai : leader of guild of Frost
  3. Erosannin : leader of guild of Mecha
  4. XingXing :  leader of guild of darkness 
  5. Roxelsan : leader of guild of Light
 for now thats all folks lets wait for new orders .. hope everyone agrees to it ... my works done so cya :) 


well members of the gr8 crimsson lotus family im ur captain Mr.ginn!! nice to meet ya all..

well u every week we wil have an art compitition between family members so beter go ready ur best pics for te show down and the rules are at photos option go there for more details and thank u once again to be part of our family....:) 

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